Branded Induction Cooker with Steel Kadai

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Branded Induction Cooker with Steel Kadai

Branded Induction Cooker Kadai Power: 2000 Watt Sensor touch control Black crystal glass plate 4 digit display Multi levels of power 10 levels of temperature 8 Cooking functions Economical affordable - just consumes 1 unit for 2.5 hours (at 400 watts) 50% economical and 100% safer than gas Takes only 55 seconds to boil milk Dal, Rice, Potato boiling in just 8 minutes Only 12 minutes to cook 1 kg mutton Pops up chapatti in seconds Shockproof, touch screen, no flame-so can be used ever if the a-c is ON) No flame/no smoke/prevent utensils from blackening Light weight, portable Can be used in office or at home Available with auto off mode. Germany Technology whirlwind anti- blocking fan independent multi-chip control 1 Year Skyline Warranty

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