GDYNS Super Carb PRO (500g) I-20

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GDYNS Super Carb PRO (500g) I-20

GDYNS Super Carb PRO (500g) I-20 GDYNS SUPER CARB PRO gives most dynamic muscle shapes & keep body in anabolic protein supports because it has cambination of 45% Carbohydrates & 45% Protein. It is scientifically formulated for solid gain of hard muscle, without fear of wasted calories. It is also most powerful massive anabolic muscle mass gaining formula. It is specially for healthy & fst muscle growth. Maintain peak physical fitness & shape to all body builder, power litter, weight lifter. Ingredients : Ultra filtered, whey concentrate, soya protein, isolate, glutamine, maltodextrine, milk powder, glucose, fructose, sucrose, vitamin, minerals, natural, and artificial flavors. Quantity :- 500g

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