GDYNS Super Micro Creatine 300g B4

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GDYNS Super Micro Creatine 300g B4

GDYNS Super Micro Creatine 300g B4 GDYNS SUPER MICRO CREATINE has changed course of bodybuilding, athletics, power lifter & transformation once again with latest version of micronized creatine. This new & improved version of micronized creatine contains new biochemical creatine ester technology & creatine- AKG. By combining these two radical forms of creatine, the ability for creatine to be fully absorbed into the bloodstream, transported to muscle tissue, & absorbed inside muscle cells has, for the first time ever, reached close to 100% efficiency which equates to insane explosive strength & maximum muscle growth within shortest time. SUPER MICOR CREATINE IS absorbed so quickly & completely.

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