Spy Stylish Sunglass with Hidden Camera

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Spy Stylish Sunglass with Hidden Camera

Spy Stylish Sunglass with Hidden Camera Record anything just by wearing your glasses. Record parties, school events, sport games, concerts or play a spy! Everything you will need is included: camera sunglasses, USB Cable, memory card and elegant case. The sunglass Video Camera is ideal for all the James Bond types out there, with a hidden video camera and 70 to 120 minutes of video recording, these would be ideal for capture action during driving, walking,shopping etc They look like a normal pair of sunglasses and nobody will be able to detect you are using a secret pair of Video Camera Sunglasses. The Video Camera Sunglasses are capable or recording video at a 640 x 480 resolution and they have a built in rechargeable battery which can be recharged by USB, there is also a microSD card slot so you can add memory upto 16 GB Video Recording Resolution 640X480 Pixel @30fps With Qualty Audio Specifications: Main Feature Other - built in rechargeable battery Type - Camera Features - hidden megapixel video camera and 70 to 120 minutes of video recording Spy Camera Sunglasses Specs: Everything you need is included! Sunglasses with Built In Camera Built In Battery USB Port USB Cable SD Micro Memory Slot SD Micro Memory Card Carrying Case Sunglasses Cloth Instruction Manual Operates as simple as pressing a record button. Power On Button Hidden Power LED Indicator Record Button Hidden Recording LED Indicator Works with PC and Mac

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