Stamin Pro 3 WEC (2Kg)

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Stamin Pro 3 WEC (2Kg)

STAMIN PRO 3 WEC Nutritional Information per 2Kg(approx) Nutritional Information units Per 2Kg Powder Energy kcal 390 Protein g 54 Carbohydrates g 32 Fat g 6 VITAMINS AND MINERALS Sodium mg 14 Potassium mg 14 Calcium mg 1.5 Iron mg 10.5 Zinc Sulphate mg 2.5 Vitamin A mcg 700 Vitamin E mg 18 Vitamin C mg 21 Vitamin B1 mg 2 Vitamin B2 mg 1.5 Vitamin B6 mg 1.5 Folic Acid mcg 700 Proprietary Food Ingredients :- Milk protein, Egg Protein, Soya Protein, Whey proteins, Calcium caseinate, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Cereals and grains powder, cocoa powder(only in chocolate flavor) Contains added flavours (Artificial flavouring substances) Recommended :- For Body Builders, Power Lifters & Athletes Direction for use :- Add 3 scoops(approx 45g) of STAMIN PRO 3 to a little milk and stir well to make paste. Stir slowly, add balance 250ml of warm milk to make delicious drink. Add sugar to taste if needed. Take STAMIN PRO 3 two times a day for better results.

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