Stamin Whey Protein (3kg)

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Stamin Whey Protein (3kg)

STAMIN WHEY PROTEIN Nutritional Information per 3Kg(approx) Nutritional Information units Per 3Kg Powder Energy kcal 376 Protein g 52 Carbohydrates g 33 Fat g 4 Proprietary Food Ingredients :- Whey proteins, Milk protein, Maltodextrin, dextrose, Malt extract, Calcium caseinate, colostrums, glutamine, cocoa powder(only in chocolate flavor) Contains added flavours (Artificial flavouring substances) Recommended :- For Body Builders, Power Lifters & Athletes Direction for use :- Add two scoops(approx 30g) of STAMIN WHEY PROTEIN to a little milk and stir well to make paste. Stir slowly, add balance 250ml of warm milk to make delicious drink. Add sugar to taste if needed. Take STAMIN WHEY PROTEIN two times a day for better results.

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