California Beauty Slim & Lift Body Shaping Undergarment

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California Beauty Slim & Lift Body Shaping Undergarment

California Beauty Slim & Lift Body Shaping Undergarment Women had indeed surpassed every fear that the fear-tionary has listed; however, a single fear that is still deeply embedded in the female gene is the fear of excess flab. Mad dashes to the nearest gym need not be taken as a repercussion with today’s Groupon to California Beauty Slim & Lift Body Shaping Undergarments. Choose from the following options: Be fairy tale dress-worth with today’s Groupon to a California Beauty Slim & Lift Body Shaping Undergarment. This revolutionary slimming and lifting undergarment is every woman’s best friend in casting bulges away. Its unique and comfortable wearing firm control design gives a sexy, hour glass figure instantly without thinking about the dreaded VPL. It hides bulges, bumps and rolls, making any woman look tight and firm. Boost the feminine pride and feel confident as you glide into the dream dress that fairy tale princesses bragged about. How would you like to lose centimetres instantly? Introducing California Beauty Slim 'N' Lift Silhouette Slim N Lift is a fantastic new slimming garment that flatters your figure and stays in place - so you look smaller instantly! Slide into a slinky dress or a tailored business suit with confidence and without revealing bulges. Unlike other slimming garments, Slim ‘N’ Lift Silhouette, slims and lifts from just below the bust line to above the knee. This process combines form and function - to sculpt, firm, trim, slenderise and lift all of your problem areas - without bulges.Slim ‘n’ Lift is made of silky nylon and stretchy elastin, with a cotton gusset to keep you comfortable. Go from bulging and bumpy to tight and trim - from sagging and shapeless to firm and fantastic – immediately and with no effort! And best of all Slim ‘n’ Lift are discrete no one will know you’re wearing them!

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