Designer 3 Pcs Jumbo Casserole Set

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Designer 3 Pcs Jumbo Casserole Set

Designer 3 Pcs Jumbo Casserole Set Designer Hot post are solidly insulated with best quality polyurethane foam to keep inner contents not for longest period. Inner mirror finish container is fabricated out of non-magnetic stainless steel material outer body and lid components are moulded from virgin food grade plastic material for sturdy performance and beautiful look. This Hot-Pot can also be used as cool-pot/curd maker too. To get the best out of this Hot-Pot transfer your food directly from cooking vessel into it and look the lid. Do no open it very often. Do not use any harsh cleaning powder to clean it…use and soft detergent powder of soapy water and damp it is not. Do not drop it …it may damage. Color from the image it may be vary.

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