GDYNS Fat Loss Slim Look (120 Cap)

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GDYNS Fat Loss Slim Look (120 Cap)

GDYNS Fat Loss Slim Look (120 Cap) Each Capsule contains: Syam pasis 30mg. Psoral 60mg. Plantagoovata 30mg. Embelia Ribes 25mg. Piper Longum 25mg. Zingiber Officinale 25mg. Balasamoder dron Mukul 150mg. Plumbogo indica 25mg. Acaciacate Chu 20mg. Triphala 100mg. Preservative Q.S. Use : Fat Loss a Slim Look capsules specially recommended for fatty Men & Women to loose weight without any side effect. Its also better for women after child birth fat and also reshaping the body. For better result use fat loss a slim look capsule for 2 months. Dosage: 1-2 capsule twice a day after breakfast and dinner or as directed by the physician. Indications: Fat Loss a Slim Look capsules reduces excess fat for mainly from fat depots maintain healthy active & vigorous life: PRECAUTIONS : Avoid Sugar, Fried Foods and high Calories Drink. Store in a cool &dry place away from direct sunlight.

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