GDYNS Liquid Amino Fuel-A9

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GDYNS Liquid Amino Fuel-A9

GDYNS Liquid Amino Fuel-A9 GDYNS LIQUID AMINO FUEL is an effective and useful blend of essential amino acids for the body builders. Bodybuilders can especially benefit from supplementing gdyns liquid amino FUEL because they aid in repair growth, and development of muscle tissue.gdyns liquid amino FUEL is a fast absorbing anabolic liquid amino acid that has, per serving, 22 grams of high quality branched chain, peptide- bonded, and free amino acids, stress B- Complex vitamins; energizine complex carbohydrates; and pure crystalline fructose.gdyns liqui amino fuel is most easily digested, absorbable and utilizable form to maximum muscle growth and optimize protein synthesis. Research shows that when taken orally, peptide- bonded amino acids increase nitorgen retention better then free amino acid mixtures for maximum muscle growth. Qty. 1000ml.

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