GDYNS Stack Mass (500g) A22

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GDYNS Stack Mass (500g) A22

GDYNS Stack Mass (500g) A22 Gdyns stack mass is a complete nutritional supplement for all family member. It is a complete health formula with anti- oxidant. that is created keeping in mind ,a hard core active individuals (men, Women & Children). GDYNS STACK MASS is made by natural ingredients, so it has no side effect. Its contain skimmed milk power, soya protein, whey protein, good fat sucrose, maltodextrine, vitamins & minerals. It's regular use improve health and boost metabolism of body. GDYNS STACK MASS also give energy, strength and muscular development and it is very use ful to increase weight and body strength. It's specially for lin-thin individuals (Men, Women & Children). Quantity:- 500g

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