Skyline/Hotline Cordless Kettle VI-9003

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Skyline/Hotline Cordless Kettle VI-9003

Skyline/Hotline Cordless Kettle VI-9003 Product Features: CORDLESS : A cordless kettle multiplies the ease of usage. You wont have wire hanging with it. In a cordless kettle you have a base that is corded & not the kettle. Simply place the kettle over the base to start using it and lift it after use and take it anywhere to pour. Auto Cut Off : Now you don't have to wait for water to boil as it will automatically switch Off when it is boiled. Remember the cut off is set according to water and not to milk Manually check it when milk reaches the your desired temperature and switch it off. Boil Dry Protection : Now you don't have to worry if you accidently switch the kettle ON without putting any liquid in the kettle. The element won't get burnt as the Kettle would automatically switch off. But ofcource you should try not to make that mistake! Light Indicator : makes it easier for you to know if the kettle is On and is boiling water. When the kettle automatically switches off after boiling the indicator light will go off. Capacity 1.2 Lits Plastic Body Volts 230 V ~ 50Hz New and Modern Design. Non Slipping Handle. Design to Quickly heat water. Multi Protection system. Automatic Switch. Boil Dry Safety Cut off. Safety Fuse. Power: Works on 220-240V, 1000-1200W.

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