Water Tank Overflow Alarm with Sweet Sound

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Water Tank Overflow Alarm with Sweet Sound

Water Tank Overflow Alarm with Sweet Sound Product Features 1. Talking/Voice Alarm when tank is FULL. 2. This Alarm can be used with overhead tank of any Size, Shape & Model. 3. This gadget needs to be simply connected directly in 220V socket. (OR) This gadget will switch ON when motor is ON and switches OFF when Motor is switched OFF (when neutral connected direct & phase given through motor switch) 4. Transformer is used to give 100% safety to the product & user. 5. Beautiful Red LED provided to indicate Power ON. Connection of Sensor Wire Extend wires (single pair/two wires) to the sensor wires at the back of alarm unit & place the other ends just below the level of overflow pipe (Tank FULL Level) in overhead tank. As soon as the tank is FULL, the unit will give VOICE ALARM indicating Tank FULL.

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