Privacy Policy

We heard some frauds are using our Name to cheat peoples by a lottery draw system.

We never run any tottery ticket or any type of prize, award or etc. If you receive call on our name, please do not believe it because we never call to any one for this.

If you still believe in this type of call, we are not responsible for it in any way.



Privacy Policy of Indian Shopping Site



We are Indian Shopping Site, having with some important privacy policy that helps to protect our website from various misuses.
If there is any comment or want to give suggestion, we would love to receive you every comment at our email address.
All data protection and its security are very important for us and your privacy is also essential. We here hide your all information from other third persons and only use your name that keeps entire details related to you confidential. We will save that information only which is significant for us and we will assemble that information that deals with you only. No doubt, we will not let your any information get disclosed to others.
You can access our website anytime without any trouble. As you visit to our site you will remain anonymous and we won’t know you until you create your account on the site and log in with your given username and password by our website.

Data that we collect
We can collect different types of information if you look for to place the order for any of your desired product from us on our website.
We may store, gather and also take you data for dealing out your purchase the product on the site, even, you can ask assemble your name, title, contact no, email address, gender, permanent address and shipping address as well as we will also ask your payment card details of your bank account details.
This basic information is necessary to identify the products or items which have been ordered by you. We may collect the data to receive the payment for the products and will deliver at your shipping address.
We will send your name and address to the third party what you ordered to deliver the products to you via courier or supplier.
We can use your data for various important purposes such as for payment collection and for other purpose of any site fraud and site abuses done by from your account. Payments will be made via the site that will be given by our company Indian Shopping Site.
This is our commitment that we will not share your any personal information with other third parties. We promise not to sell or rent your any confidential details or information to others for any marketing purposes. We will use information as per as the private policy only.

Other uses of your personal information
We send you the details about our company or the site along with we send the information about our products, sales, SMS updates, newsletters, and other related to the organization.
In case you will not receive the information by us, you may contact us soon at once. We will try again to solve your problem.

If there is any competition going on, so, we use your data to inform the winners and also advertise our discounts and exclusive offers. You will get more information about our respective competitions as you will visit our website.

Third Parties and Links

We can send your information to other organizations in our teams. We can pass your information to our agents and other third parties in group to assist us with any of our uses of details fit in our privacy policy.
The site can include advertising of other third parties and links to other websites. So, be careful that we are not liable for this obscenity at all.


We maintain proper security for the website and we do not use any unlawful or unauthorized information for our site and not even, allow any illegal information to the site. We collect the data and personal details from safe and secure server.

We always use firewalls for our servers and while collecting the payment card details via electronically, we actually use Secure Socket Layer or SSL private coding. We give our clients of 100% guarantee for the products.

Our security process defines we request your identity proof before we reveal our entire personal information to you.


Our site is copyright as per as the Privacy Policy. If anyone tries to copy our site anything that may have to be punished by judiciary or may have to pay higher penalties.